Anciant Maister Terry Brown.

Founder and Chief Examining Instructor

Terry Brown is the man who introduced England’s indigenous fighting systems to modern audiences. It was Terry (who began his research in 1979) who coined the expression English martial arts, the name by which these fabulous fighting arts are now known throughout the world.

Terry’s book English Martial Arts has been in print for over 20 years and is essential reading for anyone interested in the traditional fighting arts of England.

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My Kung Fu background

Apart from the occasional school yard scrap my first experience of sustained violence aimed in my direction was a ‘milling’ session.

Milling was fisticuffs of the most basic and brutal kind that all recruits to the British army had to undergo during their basic training; it was hardly comparable to organised boxing in that it was just two people pounding each other as hard and as often as possible.

I went down twice but but ‘passed’ because, so I was told, I fought back in what was a pretty one-sided punch up. For those of you who have never heard about milling, have a look at this video. The fights featured will give you a good idea of how the British army tests the mettle of its recruits.

Following a three year posting in Germany, which I loved, I was posted to Singapore and it was here that I was to become reacquainted with the art of one-on-one violence after seeing an advert in the Singapore Straits Times newspaper for martial arts training. The advert contained a photograph that appeared to show a flying man.


Sifu Lai (flying kick) and sifu Chang (defending) Fong Yang kung fu instructors, 1967.

The ‘flying man’ was sifu Lai one of Fong Yang kung fu’s  instructors.

Intrigued by the flying man (and the promise of free medical attention for injuries) I went along to the Fong Yang Athletic Association and met sifu Tan Siew Cheng, a man who was to have a profound influence on my life. That was more than fifty years ago and although I no longer teach the Beggars Art I still practise it to this day.


1: Sifu Tan demonstrating double iron clubs. 2 Sifu Tan demonstrating elephant trunk muscle control.3 Sifu Tan demonstrating Jian with Secret Sword Hand.


Sifu Tan performing spear form