An Invitation

Here at English Martial Arts we pride ourselves on being a friendly and welcoming group and we’d like to take a moment to cordially invite you to come and meet us. Maister Neil explains more.

Anyone who has ever practiced a martial art can appreciate the commitment and discipline it requires.  The lumps, the bruises, getting home and soaking aching muscles in the bath and still waking up hobbling the following morning.

This is something we all have in common – but more than that martial arts is a community of people who are curious and eager to learn who strive to be more than they were the day before and who are always seeking perfection in their art (even though we know we’ll never find it!)

Martial arts groups tend to work in isolation or within their own specific associations, which is only natural but I’d like to extend the hand of friendship out to all martial arts groups around the country. We’d like to know you better, to understand more about your art and what it means to you. We feel our art is second to none – not better or worse – but as good as any other art and I’m sure that you share that sentiment regarding your own art.

English Martial Arts has students from a hugely eclectic mix of martial arts backgrounds, from Kung Fu to Muay Thai and Tae Kwon Do to Ju Jitsu. This is an open invitation to teachers, instructors and students from every style. We’d love to welcome you to our club to talk to us or do a demo. We’re not interested in being idiots – you and your art will be treated with every respect and courtesy as it should be.

Best of all, St Albans has some really superb pubs where we can have a chat and swap stories afterwards.

We look forward to meeting you.