Train With Terry.

With more than 50 years of martial arts experience, Terry is considered to be amongst the best instructors in the world.

Here at English Martial Arts, we are inundated with requests for video lessons and DVDs from people all over the world who are keen to train with Terry.

We are delighted to announce that due to the phenomenal demand, Terry has agreed to make himself available for 1-1 or group tuition as well as online lessons.

Demand for Terry as an instructor is understandably very high, so we recommend getting in touch as soon as possible to secure your lessons.

You can reach Terry directly at

This is a not to be missed opportunity to train with one of the most experienced and highly respected martial artists on the planet, so act now to avoid disappointment.

I recently attended one of Terry’s Level 1 instructor courses.
Having studied a variety of martial arts, I wasn’t sure really what to expect from Terry Brown’s class. I can honestly say, my eyes were opened and any expectations totally exceeded.
Terry has a wealth of practical knowledge and experience. He is friendly and engaging, with a very effective training methodology in a relaxed atmosphere. The techniques taught are efficient, with no need for frippery. I heartily recommend martial artists of any discipline to attend a class. I will be returning for level 2 training as soon as possible.

Gary Taylor

I had been training in and researching martial arts for 10 years and had developed an interest in WMA in recent years. One thing I had found in other styles is that genuine, high-standard training is hard to find. You need someone who has real depth both in their knowledge of the subject and their skills, someone who holds themselves to high standards in their research and practice and doesn’t cut corners or get sidetracked by their own ego. You can be assured that Terry’s 30 years of diligent research in the English martial arts and his willingness to stress-test techniques have given him a real depth of knowledge and expertise which means you can be confident you are being trained by an expert instructor who will ensure you are learning the genuine article. His passion and respect for the history, the arts and their effectiveness comes through in everything he does. When it comes to English martial arts if you want to be trained by someone who is the ‘real deal’, then Terry Brown’s your man.

J.P. Coyle

My background is in Muay Thai but I was fascinated when I heard that we in England had a martial art unique to us and I wanted to know more. After meeting Terry Brown and attending my first lesson it was immediately obvious to me that this was a serious, living martial art being taught by a highly accomplished teacher. I’m not great with long winded explanations and one of Terry’s great skills is in communicating in a succinct but informative way, “Simplicity is efficiency’s best friend.” as Terry is fond of saying. I have been training with Terry now for around 20 years and in 2018 was fortunate enough to win my Maister’s prize. With Terry’s support I  have been running the St Albans club for the last 10 years teaching my own students.  There are very few truly exceptional martial artists. Terry Brown is one of them.

Neil MitchellStudent of Terry’s for 20 years.

I started my martial arts training in Okinawan karate during the summer of 1983.  I have trained with many world renowned teachers in martial arts over the years.  And then in June of 1999 I was introduced to another world-class teacher in the shape of English Martial Arts master Terry Brown.  Terry is an excellent instructor with a vast wealth of martial knowledge and experience, this is combined with a wonderful ability to relate his knowledge in a very easy going manner which make for a tremendous time in training.  Terry has a saying about the English Martial Arts, which is “simplicity is efficiency’s best friend” and he truly makes the complex come alive in a simple to understand way.  I have had the honor of representing Terry Brown here in the United States and, with his permission, of opening an English Martial Arts School.  To this day, his continued friendship, teaching, and encouragement are the corner stone to my Academy.  If you are interested in taking your martial arts to the next level, regardless of style, I highly recommend Terry Brown and the English Martial Arts.

Christopher MyersDirector, American Academy of English Martial Arts

I have been in martial arts for twenty one years now. I became an instructor in Escrima / Kali and trained in this for over ten years. As a weapon martial art we also studied medieval weapons and that is where my interest started. I begun researching and found a fantastic book called ‘English Martial Arts’. This led me to Terry Brown in 2005 and from that day to this I continue to train in English Martial Arts. I am still amazed to this day how simple and highly effective this martial art is especially for modern day self defence, armed or unarmed. Terry Brown opened a whole new world up to me and had great patience in instructing me and guiding me along the way which I am greatly appreciative of. With Terry’s permission I opened up my own English martial arts club and just recently he came over to take a lesson. My students were thrilled to have a personal lesson with the man who is at the forefront of English Martial Arts. In one of my students words afterwards… ‘ he is the master!’. I highly recommend Terry Brown’s English Martials Arts system to anyone involved in the martial arts as it will take your understanding of fighting to a higher and more advanced level.

Rob Crane

I have spent the last five days training in English martial arts with Terry Brown and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here. I have found Terry to be an amazing man with a huge range of knowledge and history of these arts. His teaching has been been thorough and interesting and he has proved that his English martial arts system is very functional and practical in modern day life. I would definitely recommend this course to other martial artists.

Paul Rice

I have been doing Martial Arts for over 30 years and have studied many different styles and trained with some of the best instructor’s in
the world and I now include Terry Brown in that list. After training in his English Martial Arts System I was blown away with the
training, in depth knowledge and historical accuracy. It is a 4 hour drive from Doncaster to London but it is worth it due to the
fantastic training I receive. Terry is an excellent Instructor and I would recommend him as a teacher and English Martial Arts to anyone, novice or experienced Martial Artist.

Andy Crittenden5th Degree Black Belt

I trained with Terry a few times before selling up and backpacking round the globe. I am now back home and in Scotland- near Inverness. I used Terry’s stuff in full contact with the guys and while using the English guard and the small amount of the principles I learnt at Terry’s I wasn’t hit once and managed to strike them frequently. In taijutsu we have similar guards that I have learnt more about from my brief study at Terry’s so I only got hit, a) when tired- and I could hardly crawl off the mat at the end of the weekend and, b) when using different guards to practice with.

Rich Inverness Scotland

I have studied martial arts for over 30 years, including Karate, Lau Gar, Wing Chun, Aikido, Escrima, rapier, broadsword, and German staff, . I enjoyed studying all of them but since studying English martial arts under Terry Brown my understanding and practice of martial arts have moved on to a higher level. That’s because, IMO, Terry’s understanding of George Silver and other English masters of defence has allowed him to develop a unique teaching style that really brings results. When sparring, Terry’s timing and judgment are impeccable and really demonstrate his understanding of the English system. I honestly think that Terry’s hard work and deep understanding of period sources has brought forth a brilliant martial art.

Terry Gunn

Last Tuesday I had the opportunity to train with Terry Brown Accompanying me was fellow instructor and good friend James Farthing.Terry has been involved in the Martial Arts since the 1960s and as a result has accumulated a wealth of practical experience. Many of you have heard of Terry from this forum [Classic Pugilism] or possibly his excellent book ‘English Martial Arts’. Our main focus visiting Terry was to train in a 4 hour introductory class in English bare fist fighting and its application for self defense in the modern world. Terry has a unique teaching approach which includes providing students rapid feed back during their training. Instead of `telling’ us about the effectiveness of technique, distance, relaxation, footwork and guard structure, Terry had us engage in a number of exercises/ drills allowing the individual to evaluate the application of techniques – performed both correctly  and incorrectly. We quizzed Terry on aspects of kicking, grappling and equipment training specific to his teaching approach. All these skills were explained, demonstrated and trained from a serious self-protection/ defense aspect using the principles of George Silver,and not a recreation or sportive approach. For me personally, a high light of the training was to engage with Terry in a number of drills that had us punching and kicking each other with increasing intent. In particular I enjoyed an exercise involving striking (using English bare fist fighting of course) and angling our way out of a corner, or against a wall, while being attacked by single and later multiple adversaries. We coveredmuch more but I’ll let Terry cover this if he wants. At 65 years of age Terry is fit, strong and can still mix it up when need be – very impressive. If you are looking for someone who is an excellent teacher, with many decades of experience behind him, to teach an English martial arts seminar at your club or upcoming event, then Terry Brown should be at the top of your list. Great day Terry and  I really enjoyed the after training chat at the pub.”

Craig GemeinerGemeiner Academy of Savate and European Combat Arts

My first experience if classic pugilism, and I’m very glad it was with Terry….I don’t think you can fail to come away with something new, and in my case much. Thanks Terry, it was an easy session…and by that I mean the atmosphere and chat. Please say thanks again for me tea!!

James Farthing

My first opportunity to train with Terry was WMAW ’05 where I participated in his English Martial arts workshop. There, I witnessed the absolute finest quarterstaff display I have ever seen. He demonstrated amazingly sound, practical and effective methods with raw confidence and pragmatic prowess. Terry “wowed” us not only with his own abilities but through his almost casual mastery at procuring the attendees to completely perform using the quarterstaff  against 4, 5 and even 6 opponents. I was also fortunate that Terry generously spent some one-on-one time with me as well, going over some details of his workshop. These two events provided the impetus for me to seek him out (even as far as Europe) for further training. Teachers of this caliber are few and far between and typically only a result of long careers. My sessions with Terry have typically begun with a combination of lecture and discussion. Pugilism is often how we begin the physical lessons and I find Terry’s take on these methods to be outright stellar. Terry has worked this material to an impressive level and he has clearly internalized it as a system. His methods are well thought out, and reinforced by 30 years of research, documentation, and application. He displays a proficiency I have yet to find elsewhere. Rapid pace tactical lessons are combined with mechanical adjustments that are witness to the keen eye of this coach’s coach. I can admit that historical pugilism may not be my strong suit but I can readily identify improvements within my understandings after each session. He always leaves me lamenting that I don’t spend more time studying historical pugilism. Footwork is paramount to Terry’s teachings as it must be in effective systems. My first session with Terry consisted of an hour and a half on footwork alone and it has since had fundamental effects to my approach to training footwork. Terry uses a very detailed explanation of how, when and where to load weight. He also uses specific methods of harnessing power, consistently reinforced from source material. When it comes to ‘Flying Out’ I don’t know of a superior trainer. He somehow manages to coax incredible footwork feats out of me each time. The footwork teachings alone are worth the trip. The basket hilted broadsword is, of course, integral to Terry’s work and it shows. Just picking up the swords or trainers seems to bring out a new energy in him. Technique, technique, and repeat, repeat. Precision is what Terry demands and precision is what he draws forth. Terry enjoys a ferocious understanding of George Silver and in direct contrast to many English enthusiasts, has spent extended time researching and exploring the works of many English maisters beyond Silver. His understanding is unparalleled and is reinforced by a long career of firm, practical, martial knowledge and principles. This is never more apparent than when the swords come out. He somehow always manages to progress me faster and further than I would have thought possible in a single session. As an instructor Terry always recognizes that I am there to improve myself and he doesn’t bog down the lesson with romantic rants of his own exploits. Instead he pushes and pushes to higher and higher expectations. He’s not interested in wasting time. He’s clearly interested in getting results. He demonstrates a relentless attention to detail and never moves the teaching on until the last lesson is mastered. With a rich catalogue of teaching and techniques to pull from he never hesitates to shift tactics if one approach isn’t getting his message across. Learning is a force that surrounds Terry, and the salle is only one place to grow. Some of the most intriguing and worthwhile insights can be gathered by sharing a beer with Terry ’round the local pub.’ (He is English and therefore bound by nature to keep certain traditions alive.) If you’re willing to shut your mouth and turn your ear, you will certainly enjoy an overloaded mind during the train/bus ride home. He shares his research openly and honestly and in my experience has proven to be sincere, even helping steer me in my research efforts on more than one occasion.

Scott BrownSwert Am Swert

Even though he’d just as soon be called “Terry”, Maister Terry Brown is a true master in every sense of the word, and shows what years of study and training can produce in the dedicated martial artist. Seeing him wield a staff against six attackers is one of those great martial feats you simply won’t believe unless you see it for yourself. Watching him then take a class of students brand new to the staff and teach them how to do the same was simply awe-inspiring…

Greg MeleChicago Sword Guild

Meeting Terry Brown has to be a highlight of anyone’s event, and it’s definitely one of mine. This guy…wow. Amazing skill, precision and control. Not to mention a hell of a sense of humor, an eager mind, and a wonderful sense of presence. Terry is more than a treasure to this community- he’s an icon. Watching him work the quarterstaff, and then getting a crowd of students doing the same…I hope to have that ability in a classroom someday, but until then I now have an even better example to strive towards.

Roger SiggssTattershall School of Defence

These events are for me the best way to get to meet my colleagues, and it was particularly fine to at last meet Jorg, Hans, and Terry (I saw with my own eyes people who had never used a quarterstaff before successfully take on 6 swordsmen at once, after one hour in Terry’s hands. Wow does not cover it). It was my first ever WMAW, I sincerely hope it will not be my last!!

Guy Windsor

My biggest regret is missing Terry Brown’s display of skill with the quarterstaff, as he defeated a circle of six opponents (which he did five times in succession). Every time I turned around, someone was mentioning how impressive it was, and I just kept kicking myself in the shins!

Matt Galas

I’ve met  many masters in various arts during the years, but very, very  few ‘True Masters’. Without any  doubt Terry is one of them, a shining  example of what all of us should strive for.

Jorg BellinghausenMember of Ochs, Member of HEMAC, SSI Advisor

Terry Brown’s Bare Fist Combat class was extremely enlightening. Maintaining the “place” with the lead hand, simple but impressive power generation, and true and lasting lessons about the use of time in this kind of combat will stay with me forever. The after-hours conversations were also memorable, and it was good to spend time with Terry and finally have an opportunity to get to know him better.

Bob CharronSt. Martins Academy of Medieval Arms

Stand-out experiences for me included…some fascinating early morning conversations with Terry Brown, not to mention learning how to defeat multiple attackers with a quarterstaff in his very intense English martial arts workshop.

Eric Wargo

Another visitor from across the pond was Master Terry Brown. I had the opportunity to train with him once before at the second WMAW, and this year I took his bare knuckle boxing class. Terry’s method really helped me understand the finer points of Wide and Narrow Space, and the importance of making sure to fight from the Place.

Keith JenningsChicago Swordplay Guild

Finally meeting Joerg Bellinghausen, Matt Galas and Terry Brown was fantastic as I have been corresonding with each of them since the 90s. Terry  Brown’s classes were a highlight for me. The last class for Saturday was Terry Brown’s bare fist combat where the highlight was seeing the way in which Terry used body alignment to deliver a frankly staggering amount of force. Last weekend in Tulsa, watching a couple of the students pound the heavy bag I almost casually launched a punch the way Terry had shown me and was shocked to see the bag swing a full 90 degrees and strike the metal frame it was attached to.

Stephen HandStoccata School of Defence

Meeting and working with Terry Brown was a treat I will never forget–his three-hour intensive “English Warrior” class has given me hours and hours of material to work on, including the Company of Masters Quarterstaff Form (a must from now on for any of my staff students).

Ben RobertsAd Liber et Laminae

I have known, worked and studied with Terry Brown for a number of years. In my experience he has been completely reliable, easy to work with and extraordinarily generous in sharing his hard-earned knowledge.

As one of the very few Equity registered fight directors in Britain, I have found his specialised skills base, the breadth and depth of which I believe to be unrivalled,  to be extremely useful in my capacity as a specialist in violence both historical and modern.

Not only are the practical aspects of his English Martial Arts unique and fascinating, but he also has a remarkable understanding of, and ability to, discuss the historical framework within which they were developed. He has consistently shown himself to be an excellent instructor and compelling raconteur.

I would have no hesitation in recommending him as an expert in his field, and an incomparable resource to be utilised to provide rich historical texture to appropriate projects.

Philip d’orleansEquity Registered Fight Director BASSC Fight Examiner BASSC Stage Combat Instructor